Disabled nurse succeeds despite hurdles, attitudes

There's an inspirational story about a disabled nurse on Denver's Morning Star. It's titled, "Disabled nurse succeeds despite hurdles, attitudes."

Here's a snippet from the story:
Craig Hospital’s Terry Chase, ND, RN. Chase is patient and family education coordinator for the Englewood hospital that specializes in rehabilitation of severe spinal chord and brain trauma. A highly respected and professionally accomplished nurse, Chase has learned to deal with the stigma attached to disabled people, particularly nurses. She uses a wheelchair. “The challenges I face are societal attitudes toward people with disabilities and our ability to be productive people,” Chase said. “Even with my background and education, I still am confronted by these attitudes. “I went through nursing school using the wheelchair and still participated in all rotations. I do have some restrictions about lifting and carrying, and have always been aware of safety both for myself and for the patients,” she said.
To read the full story, click here.


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