Nursing Students with Disabilities Change the Course

Here's a link to a great article titled, "Nursing Students with Disabilities Change the Course."


  1. Students with disabilities are often discouraged to take nursing course because this job requires physical strength.

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  2. I think nurses with disabilities shouldn't be discouraged. It shows patients that life can still be productive and full even if you have a disability or illness.

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  3. My sister is a first year nursing student with slight left arm paralysis encountering many obstacles from the nursing program. She passed her clinicals yet a week later was told she still could not go on to second semester. She was told the school did not think she could handle patient care. Does anyone know how she could proceed with this?

  4. Hopefully the students were able to find something better. Nursing is a demanding career, and health care professionals should be at their best for all procedures from birth to hospice services.


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