Job opportunity: Nurse Case Manager

Here is a job opening that could be a good opportunity for nurses with disabilities:

Position Title: Nurse Case Manager
Supervisor: Director of Medical and Case Management


The Nurse Case Manager serves as a key member of the Emergency Response Center team with a primary focus on the assessment of FrontierMEDEX members medical care needs, treatment plan of local healthcare providers and the ability of the local healthcare system to provide required care. When assessment provides evidence that appropriate care is not available in the local area the FrontierMEDEX Nurse works collaboratively with the Medical Director to establish and implement plans for safe evacuation to an area where appropriate care is available.

Primary Responsibilities

• Monitor international medical emergency situations.
• Work collaboratively with international healthcare providers and Emergency Response Center team to assure best outcomes for the patient and the organization.
• Review and monitor medical cases for appropriateness of treatment and efficient case management.
• Participates in the management of complex medical cases, this includes obtaining and reviewing medical reports/records.
• Maintains verbal and or electronic communication with patients, providers and clients related to the status and action plans for the case.
• Participates in training and ongoing educational activities and in policy and procedure development.
• Participate in claims justification process.
• Provides feedback on medical providers worldwide; may participate in site surveys of hospitals, clinics and air ambulance providers.


• Licensed Clinical Nurse with a minimum of five years experience in a critical care environment.
• BSN required.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
• Strong problem solving skills and the ability to remain calm and organized.
• Ability to provide empathetic and courteous service and working effectively with coworkers in a dynamic high stress environment.
• Knowledge of geographical and cultural sensitivity
• Experience with international healthcare and or air medical transport an asset, not required.

For more details, contact: Cecilia Foster RN, MS, Director of Medical and Case Management  at


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