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Click here to join the Society for Nurses with Disabilities. We are a group within the Society for Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities.

Membership to the Society for Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities is complimentary and is open to healthcare professionals, students, friends, family members, and others who wish to support the disability community. Once you join, you may participate in our online forum by posting questions, responding with your comments, and browsing a variety of discussions.

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Many of you may be here because you have a question and you are looking for an answer. If you have a question or a request that you'd like answered from our members, please send an e-mail to: and we will do our best to broadcast your question/request to our entire membership.
  • We will include your contact information so that our members can respond directly to you. We have found that this is the most effective way to gather feedback from our members.
  • Please make sure to indicate that it would be OK to share your message with all of our members.
Be sure to join the Society for Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities so that you can be a part of a growing online community that is providing answers and support to your colleagues and peers.

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